Meet the 61-year-old currently walking around the entire coastline of Great Britain

Jim has raised £23,000 so far for the Gurkha Welfare Trust

A 61-year-old man is walking around the whole of the British coastline in an attempt to raise £50,000.

Jim Morton is aiming to cover more than 7,500 miles - an average of 20 miles a day - and is currently in Cornwall.

He is raising money for the Ghurka Welfare Trust (GWK) and has already raised £23,000, which is enough money to build three houses in Nepal.

Speaking in Boscastle, he said: "It's been fantastic, we normally stay with somebody who's an ex-sailor, or ex-army and we park our motorhome on their drive, connect to the electrics and sometimes get invited in for a meal. Even the campsites haven't charged us - the generosity of Cornish people has been fantastic."

Jim had his first haircut in seven months in Falmouth

Since the devastating earthquake of 2015, the GWK has been working to rebuild homes for Gurkha veterans and widows across Nepal. So far they have built more than 1,500 homes.

The hot weather has been affecting Jim on his trip around Cornwall, he said: "The issue is, I had my first haircut in seven moths in Falmouth yesterday and the sun has caught the top of my ears.

"I have been carrying a lot more water and I even had an ice cream earlier to keep me cool."

The weather has also had an effect on the distances that Jim has been able to travel - instead of his usual 20 miles, he "only" managed 16 and three quarters on Thursday (July 14).

Jim still has another few months of his walk left and is grateful for the public's response to his walk.