Bossiney Cove in Cornwall named the most beautiful beach in England

Bossiney Cove in Cornwall has been named at England's best beach Credit: Google Maps

A quiet beach nestled in a picturesque cove in Cornwall has been named as the best beach in England.

Bossiney Cove, in Cornwall, has been crowned the country's most beautiful beach based on Google reviews and ratings by firm

They said: "This is the perfect beach for anyone looking to spend some time swimming in the sea as it is home to a reef along the western edge of the sands, providing a wonderful marine environment for snorkelling."

The study was conduced using the Google Maps database for the word 'beach' in all the regions of the UK.

The list was then used to compile rankings based on the beaches with the best average rating, giving priority to those with the most reviews. Beaches with less than 100 reviews were not considered.

There were 159 reviews for Bossiney Cove which had an overall rating of 4.9/5.

Woolacombe Beach in Devon got the second spot on the list, getting a total rating of 4.8/5 from 2,668.

One reviewer, Fae Charlotte Church, said it's a "slightly challenging" but "great" walk down from Bossiney to the beach, adding: "Path is craggy but has railings where there are drops, slippery but easily managed by us with our three-year-old daughter."

She said the Cove is worth "every step", adding: "Lots of rock pools and stones to explore, we found some lovely star fish, which a nice lady who we met told us was rather rare. Great place that's not overcrowded."