Climate activists march through Plymouth city centre as temperatures soar

Campaigners marched through Plymouth dressed as sea creatures

Climate activists from the Extinction Rebellion campaign have been marching through Plymouth.

Protesters taking part in the demonstration today (17 July) say the current heatwave is proof that urgent action is needed to try to slow the rate of climate change.

They marched from the city centre to one of Plymouth's large fuel depots.

Extinction Rebellion activist Tim Adams-Snell said: "Plymouth is Britain's ocean city and Plymouth has two big fuel terminals.

Dozens of activists joined the demonstration in Plymouth Credit: ITV WESTCOUNTRY

"It seems heinous to me that an ocean city could support businesses to be in a city like that which are contributing to the death of the ocean which gives the city its very name."

The ocean-themed protest went ahead despite the hot weather, with the temperature reaching 27C in the city today.

Extinction Rebellion campaigner Sian Evans said: "This is a taste of things to come. Whatever we do now, we're not going to stop this happening immediately.

"There needs to be action to make sure we slow this down and make sure we don't have such a high level of species loss", she added.