Water supply issues in Bristol as heatwave increases demand

Bristol Water Foundation has told its customers to expect a drop in water pressure at peak times because of demand Credit: PA

A water supply company in Bristol is experiencing weather-related issues in the city as the region braces itself for extreme heat.

Bristol Water Foundation warned that there are supply issues caused by the heatwave.

The rising temperatures – which could see parts of the South West reach the mid-thirties today (July 18) and on Tuesday 19 July – is affecting both the pressure and taste of water.

The company told its customers: "With the weather getting warmer, you may experience a drop in water pressure, especially during peak times.

"As temperatures rise, water use tends to increase as we all try to cool down with showers, hoses and paddling pools, which increases the demand on our network."

It said water supplies might be temporarily redirected so customers’ water would come from different treatment works or reservoirs than usual.

It added: "This may mean you notice your water tastes a little bit different to normal.

"Don’t worry, though, this will return to normal as temperatures start to cool down again."