No delays expected at Exeter Airport as bosses say staff are prepared for summer

Exeter Airport inside
Credit: ITV West Country

The director of Exeter Airport has told passengers hoping to fly aboard for the summer holidays, that airport staff are ready to cope with the extra demand.

Despite offering fewer international destinations since the collapse of Flybe, the airport flies to many places in Spain, the Canary Islands and Turkey.

The airport has been recruiting people in time for the summer season since the gradual build up in demand started in March.

It comes as the airport was named as one of the worst in the UK for flight delays in 2021.

People at Exeter Airport about to set off on their holidays are excited to be getting away, some for the first time since the pandemic began.

One said: "Finally everything's back to normal. It's a shock not having to wear a mask or quarantine when you're back."

Another passenger who used to regularly travel abroad before contracting Covid himself said he hopes the trip will provide a chance for him to recover.

"I'm just getting over Covid and learning to walk again properly", he said.

"Being in the swimming pool will help a lot, and a walk around the resort, so should be fine."

Managing director Stephen Wiltshire said he is confident that summer travel will go smoothly. Credit: ITV West Country

Stephen Wiltshire, managing director at the airport wanted to reassure customers that he expects very little disruption to take place at the airport.

He said: "We're not seeing any disruption currently or anticipating any and we're prepared for the summer.

"We've got plenty of staff to be able to handle the demand we're going to experience.

"Our summer season gradually built up from March into May and June and we're now where we expect to be for the summer.

Stephen Wiltshire added that international passengers numbers are at around the same level as before the pandemic.

However 70% of travellers used to be with Flybe on the domestic routes.

Now, there are fewer domestic routes on offer but over the summer period people can pick from 20 destinations, including America and Canada.