BBQs banned on Dartmoor as risk of wildfires continues

  • Watch Richard Lawrence's report from Dartmoor.

Visitors to Dartmoor are being banned from using barbecues as the region prepares to welcome an influx of visitors for the school holidays.

The National Park Authority rangers have placed new signs and are conducting extra patrols to crack down on disposable barbecues because of the fear of causing fires and other damage to the moor.

Despite some rain showers, the risk of wildfires is still high.

Andrew Watson, head of recreation, access and estates at Dartmoor National Park Authority, said: "Volunteers are out on Dartmoor. We're doing extra patrols at the moment, being extra vigilant because it's so dry and we are asking people not to use barbecues at this time.

"We want people to come down and enjoy Dartmoor and experience the National Park and explore it. But we're just asking people to think carefully about what they're doing, be responsible, not bring barbecues.

"Have a great time, come and have a picnic and leave no trace."

Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service has released advice to encourage people to reduce the risk of wildfires. The advice includes:

  • Don’t have barbeques or campfires in the countryside, or on any grassland during this very dry weather

  • If you’re a smoker, please take extreme care with how you put out your cigarettes and dispose of them

  • Don’t leave litter, and pick it up if you see it. Discarded litter, in particular glass bottles, pose a fire risk when the sun’s rays are magnified through it

  • Avoid having bonfires at the moment