Two large rockfalls happen within minutes on Devon beach

Two rockfalls happened on Sidmouth beach on Monday Credit: Glyn Warren

A beach in Devon remains closed after a double rockfall missed a member of the public by a matter of minutes.

Two rockfalls happened within minutes of each other on East Beach in Sidmouth at around 12.40pm on Monday 25 July.

Glyn Warren was nearby at the time and said he spotted a "cloud of dust" caused by the first rock fall.

He said: "The effect of the first rockfall generated a second, equally as big, rockfall - they both came from the high part of the cliff."

East Beach has been closed for years due to the unstable cliff face - but locals say people are regularly spotted using it.

"It was so strange to see that in the picture people don't seem at all phased by the rockfall," Glyn told ITV News West Country.

Sharing a photo of the recent fall online, Jurassic Paddle Sports said it acts as "another reminder to stay off" the beach.

"Lifeguards have been advising all summer so far to stay off that beach," they said. "Please take note of the signs and follow the advice of the lifeguards".