Meet the new mayor of Cockington - Patrick the miniature pony

Patrick the Pony has become the unofficial mayor of Cockington in Devon Credit: Hannah Petrakis

A miniature pony has been made the unofficial mayor of Cockington after a campaign by villagers.

Patrick was given the special title at a ceremony in the Devon village on Saturday (23 July).

The therapy pony lived in the village for about two years - travelling to nearby hospitals, recovery groups, mental health wards and schools to support people in need.

Despite having since been moved away due to a lack of suitable winter grazing fields, he still makes regular trips back to Cockington with his owners Kirk and Hannah Petrakis.

Patrick, who is a therapy pony, is well-loved by the villagers of Cockington Credit: Hannah Petrakis

Patrick is even known to enjoy a drink of Guinness at The Drum Inn, where a special space for him has been made.

He has been given the mayoral role after his fans started a tongue-in-cheek petition to online.

Now a mayor-making ceremony has taken place, with MP Kevin Foster and local councillors Andrew Barrand and Hazel Foster among the well-wishers in attendance.

Patrick's owner Kirk Petrakis told ITV News West Country: "Patrick's fans thought that he deserved a title for all his hard work and jokingly suggested that he could be mayor, or even the MP, and then we just did it."

Kirk and Hannah even made him a special chain of office, with Kirk describing the ceremony as a "really lovely occasion".