Warning to stay away from part of South Devon coastal path as wildfire burns

  • Watch: Wildfire re-ignites in South Devon - filling the air with smoke

People are being urged to stay away from part of South Devon due to a wildfire which keeps reigniting.

The clifftop fire, near Bolberry, has been reigniting for two months - with Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service crews called to the latest blaze today (28 July).

Kingsbridge Fire Station has now issued a warning for people to stay away from the Bolbery Down and Bolt Tail Area. Those who live nearby are also being told to keep their doors and windows closed.

A spokesperson said: "Once again, along with colleagues from multiple stations throughout Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service, we are at the scene of gorse and heathland fire on the cliff side."

Sharing a video which shows the air completely smoke-filled, they added: "Conditions are very changeable here and not a suitably respirable for walks and exercise.

"Please keep house windows closed and stay well clear of the area for the foreseeable."

A spokesperson for Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service says the fire has been continually reigniting for two months with heat and dry ground thought to be to blame. Due to the location of the fire, crews have been unable to extinguish the fire using the usual methods.

A helicopter provided by the National Trust was called on to assist in dampening down the flames by pouring water onto the difficult-to-reach areas.

The conditions change from blue skies to thick smoke within a matter of seconds. Credit: Kingsbridge Fire Station

A fire service statement said: "The fire last night is a continuation of the fire that has been flaring up sporadically since 28 May. We have three fire appliances and three water bowsers at the scene today to help prevent the fire from spreading to the coastal path.

"Due to the location being on the side of a steep cliff, we are unable to extinguish the fire using our usual methods. We recently advised the National Trust to bring in a commercial helicopter to help dampen down the flames which helped the situation.

"However, we are not able to send over firefighters to fully extinguish the hotspots, particularly as there is no risk to life or property from the fire."