Family speak of heartbreak after dad died when girlfriend threw a knife at him

Matthew Wormleighton was killed by his girlfriend

The family of an 'outgoing' and 'funny' father have spoken of their ordeal after he was killed by his partner who threw a knife at him.

Hayley Keating was today (29 July) sent to prison for six years after she killed Matthew Wormleighton at her home in the small Somerset village of Clithorne Domer, near Yeovil.

The 32-year-old was found guilty of manslaughter yesterday following a trial at Bristol Crown Court.

The court heard from Matthew's family, including his daughter Chloe Wormleighton whose victim impact statement was read out.

She wrote: "To this day it is the worst experience we could ever go through, I still have nightmares and every day is a constant reminder of our loss."

Matthew Wormleighton was described as 'outgoing' and 'positive' and 'most supportive dad' but Chloe spoke about the 'traumatic' way her father died, saying there would be 'hole in our hearts forever'.

Hayley Keating has been sentenced to 6 years in prison after she was found guilty of manslaughter

Matthew and Hayley had been together for around three years, but the jury were told the relationship could be volatile at times.

The court heard on several occasions that there was a 'toxic dynamic' to their relationship.

Earlier in the trial, Keating told a jury they had argued on the night of Mr Wormleighton's death, and he had choked her.

She had told the jury that she took a knife from her cutlery drawer, intending to use it on herself, but then tossed it away. The knife penetrated Mr Wormleighton's chest and he later died.

On passing sentence, Judge William Hart said: "I do find that Matthew was not an immediate threat of serious physical violence.

"Matthew did exercise a significant degree of coercive control and some of his conduct was intimidating and demeaning, but you were far more resilient than you said in your evidence, you exaggerated the impact of his conduct - you were able to fight your corner."

He added: "When you struck the fatal blow, you were angry with him because he was trying to leave on that night."

He continued: "Before he met you, he was the man described by his family, engaging, funny and extrovert but in his relationship with you, he changed.

"It is clear that he was passionately in love with you."