Piles of litter including BBQs, baby wipes and broken bottles left on Dartmoor

A police officer collected disposable barbecues, baby wipes and broken bottles at Cadover Bridge, near Yelverton. Credit: Eve Buley

A police officer says litter left by "ignorant and irresponsible" people on Dartmoor could have caused "disastrous" wildfires.

PC Emma Buley shared photos of the rubbish on social media, saying her teenage daughter, Eve, had gone out to the beautiful scenery but found herself picking up large amounts of rubbish.

PC Buley says Eve found disposable barbecues, baby wipes and broken bottles at Cadover Bridge, near Yelverton.

It comes just a few days after a walker found picnic blankets, barbecues and even inflatable children's toys left behind at the beauty spot.

PC Buley said her daughter picked up the litter she saw before loading it into her car.

"There's no way she [Eve] would have left it there," she said.

Eve packed up the litter to dispose of it properly Credit: BPM Media

Two weeks ago, the National Park Authority said large parts of Dartmoor were at risk from wildfires.

Officials asked people "not to use barbecues or camping stoves, to take extreme care when disposing of cigarettes and matches and to take all litter home when they leave".

New signs have been placed warning of the danger and rangers are patrolling to stop people using disposable barbecues.

PC Buley says "The grass is so dry it could’ve been disastrous, plus the dangers to wild animals and dogs doesn’t bear thinking about."

Andrew Watson, head of recreation, access and estates at Dartmoor National Park Authority, said: "We want people to come down and enjoy Dartmoor and experience the National Park and explore it.

"But we're just asking people to think carefully about what they're doing, be responsible, not bring barbecues. Have a great time, come and have a picnic and leave no trace."