Vandalism forces Jubilee Pool Penzance to close

Staff at the open air pool say they're disappointed by the vandalism.
Staff at the open air pool say they're disappointed by the vandalism.

Jubilee Pool in Penzance has been forced to close this weekend due to vandalism.

The team say someone threw a couple of bottles of wine over the fence into the main pool in the early hours of Friday (July 29) morning. The team are now working to drain the pool, clean the broken glass up to make it safe, then refill it.

Pool manager Adam Leonard says the team are working hard to get the pool back open as soon as possible.

He told ITV News: “We’ve had someone throw a couple of wine bottles over our railing. It’s smashed close to the pool surround, the glass has then bounced into our main pool and our toddler pool. So from our point of view the only safe thing is to drain the pool completely to get all remnants of glass out of it. When the pool is full it’s hard to identify glass through the water.”

Adam added that it is disappointing as they were expected a busy weekend coinciding with the start of the summer holidays.

“It’s really disappointing for people hoping to use the pool. We’re obviously very disappointed but the team know exactly what they’ve got to do to make sure the pool is empty and cleaned.”

Jubilee Pool staff are working to reopen the pool by Monday morning. The Geothermal part of the pool is unaffected to these sessions will run as planned.