Bristol’s Claudia Fragapane makes career comeback in final Commonwealth Games

PA-FRAGAPANE at the 2022 Commonwealth Games
Fragapane celebrates after winning gold Credit: PA

After years of career threatening injuries Claudia Fragapane took home gold with Team England at Birmingham’s Commonwealth Games, her first team event for 6 years.

Claudia has admitted that this year’s Commonwealth games will be her last, after a series of injuries, including concussion and surgery on her ankle and elbow.

Although her floor routine score of 12.450 helped team England win, it wasn’t enough to secure the individual final this time around.

But in 2014, she became the first English woman to win four gold medals at a single edition of the Commonwealth Games in 84 years.

Claudia Fragapane (centre) celebrates with her teammates Credit: PA

Claudia has revealed that it was a ‘journey’ to compete in this year’s Birmingham Games.

"I shouldn’t have come back so quickly so I shouldn’t actually be here. I pushed myself, I didn’t do my major beam floor routines, but I just wanted to be there with the team and experience it all. I’ll take it one step at a time – I’ve got to be careful with this fragile body now."

“It’s hard to let go,” she said. “I was very emotional, crying all the time. I haven’t competed in a team competition since 2016, so it’s been quite a few years. I’ve had so many major injuries, so to actually get back and just say I’ve done it again in a team is exciting.

She expressed her gratitude for the excited home crowd, adding “The crowd was roaring. It was the best feeling ever."