Moment fans at Ashton Gate in Bristol celebrate Lionesses' historic win over Germany

  • Watch fans celebrate the moment the lionesses secured the win in extra time

Hundreds of football fans gathered at Bristol City's Ashton Gate stadium to watch the Lionesses' victory over Germany in the Euros finals.

England beat Germany 2-1 after extra time last night (31 July), in front of 87,000 supporters at Wembley Stadium, securing the first major tournament title for the country since 1966.

It was cause for celebration for fans in Bristol, as one described the historic win as the "best day of her life".

She said she had confidence the lions would win before the match began.

  • Watch fans talk to ITV West Country straight after the lionesses' win

""I said at the start it was going to be 2-1 at full time or at extra time. It's been the best day of our lives, come on England", she said.

Another fan said the win comes as the popularity and profile of the sport has risen in recent years.

"It means absolutely everything, it's phenomenal", she said.

England's Lionesses lift the trophy after winning the Euro 2022 final. Credit: AP

"Women's football again it's just increased so much in the last five years. Again, it will increase in the next five, ten years. For now, it's absolutely amazing."

Fans of all ages were at the stadium celebrating the result, including three young girls who said it was an inspiring night for them, as they hope to one day be lionesses themselves.

They said: "It means a lot, it's so amazing. It's unbelievable. Especially as Germany hasn't lost a final in ages.

"We're all trying to get into England on the same team."