RNLI lifeguards issue warning after 'mass rescue' on Fistral beach in Newquay

  • Watch a bodyboarder being rescued from the rip current

The RNLI has issued a warning to holidaymakers in Cornwall, after a series of rescues on Fistral beach in Newquay.

Lifeguards were carrying out a routine patrol on Monday 25 July when they spotted a group of people in the water waving for help.

The group - involving nine bodyboarders and one swimmer - had been dragged around 75 meters out to sea in a strong rip current.

On the same day another bodyboarder got caught in the strong rip current and had to be rescued.

Senior RNLI lifeguard Arron Evans said: "This was a mass rescue which involved two of our lifeguards going back and forth on rescue boards and RNLI lifeguard Angel Daimay also supporting them on the shoreline.

"It was an amazing team effort in challenging sea conditions. These conditions prove just how powerful rip currents can be and how suddenly the sea state can change.

"As professional lifeguards, we have the local knowledge of rip currents and areas that are renowned for being dangerous so we always prepare and assess according to the conditions which constantly change throughout the day.

"During a mass rescue, it’s so important to keep an eye on the wider picture so immediately after this incident we made the decision to red flag the entire beach and reassess the sea conditions."

One of the people rescued by the RNLI, Darren Callander, said he's been visiting Cornwall for the last few years with his children.

He said: "Up until last week we have never needed their assistance, however, last week the speed in which the lifeguard came to my rescue was incredibly quick and I cannot thank them all enough for the care I received that day."

"It was greatly appreciated, who knows what the outcome would have been if the RNLI hadn't been on the beach that day to help me."