Weston-super-Mare welcomes its second ever sea shanty festival celebrating old folk music

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More than fifty bands are performing at Weston-super-Mare's second ever 'Sea Shanty and Music Festival.'

Last year, 10,000 people attended the first-ever event.

Organiser Nigel Glanville-Gittins told ITV News: "They are songs of the sea which can be a bit sad, but we also have folk music, which is foot-tapping stuff.

"People love it."

Unlike other places on the Somerset coast - like Porlock and Watchet - Weston-super-Mare does not have a big maritime history.

Festival-goers at the shanty festival enjoying the performances Credit: ITV News

Sea shanties were work songs, often sung by sailors on merchant vessels.

When vessels converted to steam power, the need for shanties ceased.

Veteran sailors and folk song collectors managed to preserve the words and music, so they survive on the folk scene.

Money raised will be split between the RNLI and Weston-super-Mare Lions Club.