Truro wildfire warning: don't use BBQs in heatwaves, say Cornwall fire

  • Drone footage supplied by Julian Perreira

Fire crews have continued to work overnight extinguishing a wildfire near Boscawen Park in Truro.

At the peak more than 40 firefighters were called in from across Cornwall to tackle the dry grasslands on Saturday 6 August.

Mike and Steph Coomber were asked to pack their essentials and leave their home for seven hours as emergency services could not be sure at that time it was safe for the couple to stay at home.

Mike told ITV News: "We got the cats together, the dogs together, an overnight bag, a couple of family photos - you know, the things you can't replace."

Fortunately it was just a precaution but Mike was shocked by how close the fire came to their home.

He said: "I have seen the aerial shots afterwards, and I'm quite shocked at how very close. I mean, it's within probably 70 metres of here, which is a big ring. It was a close call."

  • Firefighters preventing the fire from reigniting on Saturday evening (6 August).

Cornwall Fire and Rescue received at least 36 calls after thick black smoke filled the sky on the edge of the city.

Nearly 24 hours later and the scale of the fire is still yet to be determined.

Incident commander Mark Sherri said this was a "significant" wildfire for Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service but its not the first they have had to deal with this summer.

He told ITV News: "We just wish the public would refrain from bonfires, barbecues and any lighting material at this time of year really, especially with the lovely sunshine. We want them to enjoy it, but just responsibly."

The Coomber family were told to pack their things as firefighters worried the flames could have spread to their house Credit: ITV News

The wildfire involved pine trees, grass fire and mixed high and low vegetation but the emergency service has not yet confirmed what caused the fire.

Mike believes it could have been camping canisters after describing "bizarre" bangs "like shotguns" as the fire took hold.

He said: "We heard two bangs, just thought somebody was shooting, then had a third bang and then we we heard this crackling, really loud, crackling, eerie sound."

"There has been a lot of legal or illegal camping out in the woods. So it could have been canisters left over in tents overheating - bang - and that would be enough to ignite the fields."