Chairs, tents and wind breakers among huge pile of items left behind at Devon beach

Beach matts, chairs and wind breakers were among items left behind Credit: Ocean Recovery Project

Chairs, tents, tables and windbreakers were among a huge pile of rubbish left behind by beach-goers in Devon.

Conservation charity Ocean Recovery Project shared a photograph of the items collected from Croyde Bay, urging people to make use of Plastic Free North Devon's 'borrow shack' instead of creating unnecessary rubbish.

The pile was stacked to more than a metre high, stretching along the wall of the bay.

In its post, Ocean Recovery Project said: "Piles and piles of beach goods left at Croyde Bay.

"Chairs, recliners, windbreaks, inflatable mats, tents, tables and a lot more.

"Having a look through this, I found a lot of equipment in good condition and even a six-person dome tent.

"I'm always shocked by how much kit is left behind at our beaches. Think of the value of this pile - and not to mention all the energy and resource needed to create it.

"The good news. The beach team at Croyde bay do their best to find homes for the salvageable kit and Plastic Free North Devon have their 'borrow' shack at the entrance to the beach for some items."