Bristol Channel rescue: Ship completely sinks near Steepholm Island

The 60ft fishing vessel sunk off the coast of North Somerset Credit: RNLI Weston Lifeboat Station

The RNLI has saved two people from a sinking ship near Weston-super-Mare.

Crews were called out on Saturday (August 13) after reports that a 60ft Fishing Vessel was in need of urgent assistance North East of Steepholm Island, in the Bristol Channel.

Three lifeboats and a Coastguard Rescue Helicopter were dispatched to the scene, safely transferring two casualties off of the stricken vessel before it sank.

The Weston-super-Mare RNLI team said: "Despite being shocked by the quickness of how the situation changed so rapidly [the two casualties] were assessed to be in good spirits and not needing any treatment.

Credit: RNLI Weston Lifeboat Station

"Just a few minutes after the lifeboats and helicopter arrived on scene, the vessel was lost to the sea as it disappeared below the surface.

"A very sad outcome for the fishing vessel, but thankfully we were able to be on scene quickly to assist, and to bring the casualties back to the safety of the shore and their families."

RNLI Weston says this is the 32nd callout it has had in 2022, and that the survivors followed the correct procedure which helped keep them safe despite their boat sinking.

They said: "The two survivors are very experienced seafarers who were well prepared with their safety equipment and procedures for calling for help and evacuating, which no doubt aided their quick rescue and recovery.

"Remember, if you see anyone in danger at the coast, don't delay, dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard."