The unique home that's been created in Bristol to give an insight into life on Mars

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A new two-bedroom home has popped up on Bristol's harbourside - and it could hold the secret to how humans could live on Mars.

The Martian House has been built next to M Shed in the city centre. Split across two floors, it has a built-in ecosystem and features capable of helping of helping humans survive on Mars.

It is the brainchild of artists Ella Good and Nicki Kent, who have worked for seven years on the creation.

It is the first of its type in the world to gain full planning consent. On Earth, that is.

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"Building this house makes us think how we can live more sustainably here on Earth," Nicki told ITV News West Country.

"There's limited water and power on Mars, so building this house helps us think about similar challenges a lot of us are talking about now."

"It's surprisingly low-tech," Ella added. "The answer to everyday living could not be these high-tech solutions, because you'd have to fix everything that breaks."

Challenges of live of Mars include deadly levels of radiation, a poisonous atmosphere and much lower levels of gravity.

But designers have tried to make a house which would make it bearable.

The Martian House's gold roof makes for an eye-catching sight on Bristol Harbourside Credit: ITV News

"You're going to be living in this tiny space almost all the time," architect Hugh Broughton said.

"Small things like having a view, growing your own fruit and veg, having somewhere to sit and relax will be really important on Mars to stop you from going stir crazy."

University of Bristol's Dr Robert Myhill, who has been studying Mars for years, says he would not want to go himself but says having someone there would be helpful.

"Every mission could be done so much more easily if we had just one human there," he said.

"Obviously having just one human would be a very lonely existence, so having a house like this for more people would be ideal."

Bookings for a free visit on earth are open now and run until the end of October.