Warning issued after children spotted 'tombstoning' off scaffolding in Wadebridge

Children have been spotted jumping into the river from the scaffolding Credit: BPM Media

Children have been spotted jumping from scaffolding into the River Camel in Wadebridge, prompting safety concerns.

A bridge is currently undergoing repairs and despite a warning from Cornwall Council contractor Cormac to not climb the scaffolding as it is unsafe, children have been seen clambering onto the structure before 'tombstoning' into the water below.

Local resident Alfie Blake says he witnessed a group of youngsters jumping from the scaffolding.

He said: "I think it’s outrageous the fact these kids think it’s necessary to jump off a bridge that is having work done to it."

Others took to social media to share their concerns. One person wrote: "Totally agree, if that was to come loose that's a major accident."

Another resident said: "To be fair, it is a building site and the scaffolding isn't exactly the wisest thing to climb around when we're expecting thunder storms."

But not everybody agreed. One commented: "Kids being kids, we all did it at some point. Be thankful they aren’t being cool with a bottle of voddy in the park."

Another wrote: "At least they're not kicking around drinking and doing drugs and smashing stuff up there.

"Just being kids. Just remember you were young once, nice weather for it if you ask me leave 'em be."

The bridge was built in just four days in the 1990s as part of reality TV show Challenge Anneka, but it needs structural repairs.

Earlier this summer, a spokesperson for Cormac warned people to stay off the structure.

They said: "People were seen dangerously scaling the scaffold on Anneka's Bridge.

"Not only is a construction site a dangerous place to be, but climbing the scaffold to jump in to the water is even more so. Please stay out for your own safety."