Photo shows aftermath of M5 crash caused by loose trailer wheel

The car was travelling northbound on the M5 when it was struck by the loose wheel Credit: Gloucestershire Police

A warning has been issued after a loose trailer wheel crossed over a motorway carriageway before causing a crash.

Police say it is a "miracle" no-one was seriously hurt or killed in the incident, which happened on the M5 in Gloucestershire on Monday 15 August.

Officers from Gloucestershire’ Police's road unit were called to the scene.

A force spokesperson said: "The trailer was travelling on the southbound carriageway and the car travelling northbound at the time of this happening.

"It's a miracle no-one was injured but it could so easily have proved fatal.

“Many trailers are only used a few times a year and this incident shows the importance of checking it is roadworthy before you set off.

“Couplings, hitches, tyre condition and wheel nuts should all be checked as well as the load being secure.”