Rogue Bristol landlord fined £22k and banned from letting out homes

Naomi Knapp admitted multiple offences regarding the condition of her properties Credit: Bristol City Council

A Bristol landlord has been fined £22,000 and banned from letting out properties after leaving her tenants living in poor conditions.

Naomi Knapp, who has 34 properties in Bristol, pleaded guilty to multiple offences including fire safety issues and poorly-kept communal areas.

On 9 August, Naomi Knapp was banned from being a landlord for five years and fined £22,000 after being convicted of eight offences at a First Tier Property Tribunal.

The hearing heard fire doors were found to be inadequately installed at her properties, which also had poorly maintained walls and ceilings which were part of the fire-resistant structure.

Fixtures and fittings in the communal areas were also damaged and badly maintained.

an unsecured bike shelter was left resting against the window at one of the properties Credit: Bristol City Council

Bristol City Council said Ms Knapp has a long history of non-compliance with her legal responsibilities as a landlord and property manager.

The authority says it was forced to escalate to formal enforcement action when attempts to resolve issues failed.

This was in relation to three poorly managed houses which were presented at Bristol Magistrates Court in April 2021.

After this month’s hearing, housing councillor Tom Renhard said: “During this cost of living crisis it is more important than ever for the council to protect tenants from rogue landlords.

“We will take action to crack down on criminal landlords who do not meet the legal requirements for a safe and secure living environment."

Ms Knapp has also been banned from letting houses in England, engaging in English letting agency work and engaging in property management work in the country.

The bans take effect from Tuesday August 16, 2022 and last for five years.

Cllr Renhard added: “Any tenant who rents from Ms Knapp does not need to do anything at this point – the banning order does not change a renter’s legal rights and does not necessarily mean they will need to leave their properties.

“If they are concerned about their rights, they should contact the council or Citizen’s Advice Bureau for support.

“Ms Knapp’s failure to follow up on her proposals to improve things demonstrated her unwillingness to change matters for the better.”