This is when NatWest is closing its Falmouth branch permanently

The Falmouth NatWest branch will close on Wednesday Credit: Google

NatWest will close the doors of its Falmouth branch for the final time this week.

The bank is closing 14 banks across the country, including the one in Falmouth.

The branch will close permanently on Wednesday 24 August.

Why is NatWest closing branches?

NatWest says it is closing 14 branches across the country due to an increased demand for mobile and online services. The bank says it will still support customers over the phone, by video or in one of their other branches.

The company says it saw average counter transactions at the Falmouth branch reduce by 30% between January 2018 and February 2020.

In a statement, Natwest said: “Closing a branch is always difficult and not a decision we ever take lightly.

"We look at the impact on our customers using the branch, their banking preferences, where the nearest cash machines are and other banking options.”

The nearest open branch to Falmouth is NatWest Truro, 7.49 miles away. Its open between 9.30am and 15.30pm Monday to Friday.

The three closest cash points are Tesco Falmouth Metro, Lloyds, 11 - 12 Killigrew Street and Santander Falmouth, 13 Market Street.