'It could cost a life': Exeter council urges people to stop throwing life rings into river

Credit: Exeter City Council

'Pranksters' in Exeter have been urged to stop throwing life rings into the water for no reason as it could 'cost a life'.

Exeter City Council said that there have been numerous incidents this summer where the life-saving equipment has been hurled into water in the Port Royal and Ducks Marsh area of the city for no apparent reason.

It is now warning that recovering the rings costs the taxpayer money as they can end up in the sea and need to be recovered by the council's waterways team, while it can also put people's lives at risk.

Cllr Ruth Williams, Lead Councillor for Recycling and Waterways, said: “Some people might consider this just a bit of fun but when their is a serious incident and someone needs to be rescued from the water and the life ring is missing, it could cost a life!

“Please, if you are thinking of doing this, think again about the consequences your actions may cause.”

She said that anyone who witnesses someone damaging the rings or has any information should report it to the police.