Bristol traffic: The diversions in place as roadworks hit Gaol Ferry and Redcliffe bridges

People are now being diverted across Bristol Bridge Credit: Jon Kent/BPM Media

Multiple major projects to renovate some of Bristol's most used bridges are underway - meaning drivers and pedestrians are left navigating diversion routes to get into the centre.

People travelling between south Bristol and the city centre are the most impacted by the works, as both Gaol Ferry Bridge and Redcliffe Bridge are entirely closed.

It means fines have been paused on the Bristol Bridge bus gate for anyone using it to get around the Redcliffe Bridge closure.

Here are the diversion routes for each of the closures:

Gaol Ferry Bridge

The diversion routes send cyclists and pedestrians on either a 1.2 mile or 0.7 mile diversion Credit: Bristol City Council

The foot and cycle bridge across the New Cut of the River Avon closed on Monday 22 August for repair work to take place.

The closure is expected to last between six and nine months.

Pedestrians and cyclists are being diverted either onto Vauxhall Bridge or Bedminster Bridge. The Vauxhall Bridge route lasts 1.2 miles, while the Bedminster Bridge is 0.7 miles.

Redcliffe Bridge

Redcliffe Bascule Bridge closed to pedestrians and all traffic at the start of August. The closure is expected to last around 10 weeks.

The diversion for general traffic sends people on a 2.4-mile route along The Grove before turning right onto Prince Street before going right onto Baldwin Street. It then sends people over Bristol Bridge and down Victoria Street. Drivers can then go right onto St Thomas Street before joining Redcliff Street on the opposite side of the bridge.

The diversion routes for drivers who would normally use Redcliffe Bridge Credit: Bristol city centre

Will drivers be fined for using Bristol Bride while Redcliffe Bridge is closed?

No. People using the official diversion route for the Redcliffe Bridge closure will be taken over Bristol Bridge but will not be fined.

Bristol Bridge has been closed to general traffic since August 2020, when it was shut as part of plans to improve air quality.

However, Bristol City Council says the 2.4-mile diversion route will "temporarily allow access to all traffic following the official diversion without incurring fines".