Stowaway Somerset cat ends up at Bristol Airport after hopping on to a bus

Bagheera - cat travels to Bristol Airport from Somerset home all by itself 020922
Bagheera the cat regularly enjoys taking bus rides Credit: BPM Media

A Somerset cat with a habit of hitching rides on buses has surprised his owners by travelling all the way to Bristol Airport on his own.

Bagheera likes to spend time at a roundabout near his home in Wellington from where he hops on and off buses.

Most of the time his presence on the bus doesn't go unnoticed - but on this occasion, he was not spotted.

Sitting in the luggage compartment, Bagheera travelled the full 42 miles to airport before anyone noticed him.

The airport said: "This feline tried to go away on holiday after travelling 42 miles from its home in Wellington, Somerset and arriving at Bristol Airport after jumping into the luggage compartment of the Falcon bus.

"Bagheera was found safe and well and is now back home after his adventure."

The cat is well known around Wellington and has had to be collected by his owner many times over the years.