The breakfast club serving up support for military veterans in Taunton

Organisers of a breakfast club for military veterans in Taunton say they expect it to become even more important as the cost of living crisis continues.

The group meets on the first Sunday of every month and has over 300 members. Its aim is to bring servicemen and women together to be able to socialise and get support.

The club raises money through auctions and raffles and has branched out in recent years, putting on an Armed Forces Day event in Taunton. The one in July this year was its biggest yet.

Ed Cullen hosts the group at Vivary Golf Club. He is ex military and said he knows how much impact social events like this can have: "A lot of veterans are proud and they won't go looking for help," he said.

"By coming together like this, it means we can reach out to a veteran who's done one year service who's maybe 20/23 or to a veteran who's done lots of service and is 89/90 year old. They all come together, we have a drink and a laugh."

Colin Hole has been coming for the last few years and says it really helps people.

He said: "A lot of the guys, they do have problems. They come here, are able to get it off their chest and talk with like minded people, people who understand our language, the veterans community and all that it stands for."

David Parkman is one of the organisers of the club. He said: "We want people to feel included and valued - there's no preconceptions.

"It's open for everyone to come to and we welcome that. I think it's reflected in our attendance numbers - we're one of the biggest breakfast clubs in the country."

Groups like this are likely to have a big role to play as we head into the winter. The charity Help for Heroes says particularly injured or unwell veterans will be hit hard by the cost of living crisis.

Head of grants, Claire Barnes, said: "Anybody living with an ongoing injury or illness really does need to have a special element of care given and consideration given to them at this time.

"It's a really difficult time. The anxieties that they will feel as a result of their injury or illness, physical or mental, will be exacerbating the problems that they're facing at the moment."