The Gloucestershire man breaking world records with 40mph parallel parking

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For many people parking is a chore and somewhat difficult - but one man from Gloucestershire makes it look incredibly easy.

Alastair Moffatt is a precision driver who helps train stunt drivers in the art of difficult manoeuvres in vehicles.

He has picked up a number of motorsport accolades, although now he largely focuses on stunts.

In 2015 he was able to break the Guinness World Record for the tightest parallel parking in reverse. Reversing towards two minis at more than 40mph he pulled the handbrake and flipped the car around to break what was one of the most competitive records in the stunt driving field.

Alastair Moffatt's Guinness World Record attempt from 2015 Credit: Guinness World Records

What was most impressive was that there was only 34cm between his car and those vehicles in front.

His passion for racing and driving cars at high speeds hasn't dwindled despite his huge success, as he told ITV News at Prescott Hill Climb near Cheltenham.

"I just absolutely love it," Alastair said.

"It is not a bad job is it? Driving around fast in cars, it doesn't really feel like work.

"I started karting as a child, me and my brother used to travel around competing which was a great experience and then I got into racing.

"It is quite good for real-life situations I suppose. I haven't found a parking space at the shops that I can't get in yet.

"I think you may get a few strange looks if you try to do some of these manoeuvres in everyday life though."

He believes his records could stand for a few more years yet, but there is a young pretender to his crown, his own son Will.

Alastair Moffat has 13 Guiness World Records - all for his skill behind the wheel

"He is just fearless and has really got a buzz for it," he said.

"He wants it all and he is just so keen to get involved and try things.

"He is obviously not old enough to have a go at it yet but give it nine years and I think the records will come tumbling down, if they don't before."