Cornish surfer beats throat cancer and heads to kneesurfing world championship

A Cornish surfer who has suffered from oesophageal cancer says he is living proof that you can recover as he heads to the kneeboard surf championships.

Kyle Abrahams from Redruth was in the middle of his training plan when he was diagnosed with the cancer in his throat.

Kyle says "It's a scary word, cancer. It's the word that we all fear."

"When I was diagnosed straight away I was like, that's not going to stop me, I am still going to go."

The 51-year-old was then faced with three months of chemotherapy and in late November major surgery to remove "Terry" the tumour.

Four months on the kneeboarder was able to get back out riding the waves for his "salt water therapy", and today (September 6) Kyle's flying to the Costa Nova coast in Portugal.

"I am excited" says Kyle.

"It's something that up to ten months ago, I wasn't guaranteed to go. So to actually be flying out on the sixth and compete against the best in the world. What's not to love?"

Kyle Abrahams training at The Wave in Bristol a week before starting his chemotherapy treatment. Credit: Sam Heapy

What is kneeboarding?

Kneeboarding is a sport that blends surfing, water skiing, and wakeboarding.

According to Surfer Today, using their low centre of gravity, kneeboarders can perform a vast number of tricks with fewer chances of wiping out compared to stand-up wakeboarders and surfers.

Kyle says it can be more challenging than regular standup surfing.

"In bigger conditions it's quite difficult because nothing between your knee and your hip flexes where surfers have got a natural suspension built into their knees.

It's all very rail to rail you use your weight to put turns in you don't just drive off your back foot to pivot"

Kyle blogged about his treatment and his recovery from cancer Credit: KYLE ABRAHAMS: TURNING THE TIDE ON CANCER

Kyle blogged his way through his treatment and says he believes having strong "mental strength" kept him going through one of the most challenging times in his life but now it's time for "realising my dream".

There are around 180 entrants travelling in from around the world to compete in Portugal.

Kyle has entered into the veterans class and the open class and is feeling confident he's got his training back up to speed and is hoping he has "a decent chance".