The Queen's strong relationship with the West Country during her long reign

The Queen visits Plymouth in 1949. Credit: British Pathe

From historical visits to military ceremonies, Her Majesty the Queen made many trips to the West Country. She greeted thousands of people and touched the hearts of so many across the region.

The Queen visited as a young Princess in the late 1940s and more recently joined other members of the Royal Family at the Eden Project in Cornwall in 2021. 

Her relationship with the West Country will always be remembered.

Tour of the West Country - 1949

Several years before her coronation in 1953, the then Princess Elizabeth visited Dartmoor on a tour of the West Country. 

During her visit she received a warm welcome in Plymouth with crowds gathering all along the royal route.

The Queen sails into Bristol (17 April 1956) Credit: British Pathe

Sailing into Bristol - 1956

The Queen arrived by boat for her 1956 visit to Bristol. It was during this visit to the city that she opened the new council house.

The Queen makes a first long distance phone call in Bristol in 1958 Credit: British Pathe

The first long distance phone call in Bristol - 1958

Just two years later, in 1958, she returned to Bristol where the Queen made history.

It was during this visit that the Monarch famously made the first long distance telephone call from the city.

The Queen crosses Severn Bridge (8 September 1966) Credit: British Pathe

Making history in the West Country - 1966

The Queen became the first person to cross over the new £8m Severn Bridge in 1966.

She made the historic journey with her husband Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. 

The royal car was the first to drive direct from England to Wales over the Severn and River Wye.

The Queen visits Bath (August 1977) Credit: PA

Jubilee visit to Bath - 1977

To mark the 25th anniversary of the Queen’s coronation, she visited Bath for her Silver Jubilee. 

As the royal car drove through the streets, 150,000 rose petals were showered over the vehicle. 

A visit to Gloucestershire in 1988

A visit to Gloucestershire - 1988

During a visit to Gloucestershire, the Queen was filmed feeding the ducks at Slimbridge and navigated her way across some stepping stones.

The Queen attends a military ceremony at Yeovilton Credit: ITV

Military ceremonies in Yeovilton - 1991 

Thousands of servicemen and women and their families gathered in Yeovilton as the Queen presented a new regimental flag to the Fleet Air Arm. 

The Queen hands out Maundy coins in Truro (1994)

Birthday celebrations in Truro - 1994 

In her 68th year she visited Truro where 68 men and women were given Maundy coins to mark each year of her life.

The Queen's visit to Weymouth seafront (June 2009) Credit: ITV

A trip to the beach in Weymouth and Portland - 2009 

Thousands gathered on the beach in Weymouth to greet the Queen and Prince Philip. The couple were particularly charmed by a sand sculpture of Windsor Castle.

Speaking in 2009, sand sculptor Mark Anderson said: "They were both very impressed and congratulated us on our hard work and our efforts."

The visits the Eden Project in Cornwall with former Prime Minister Boris Johnson in 2021 Credit: ITV

Visiting the Eden Project in Cornwall - 2021 

The Queen and other members of the Royal Family gathered at the Eden Project during the G7 Summit in Cornwall. 

The monarch was joined by the Prince of Wales, the Duchess of Cornwall and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as they welcomed the leaders of the group of seven advanced nations.

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