How the West Country has commemorated Queen Elizabeth II

A picture of the Queen placed in Wells Cathedral to commemorate her

People from across the West Country have come together to pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth II who died aged 96.

Services of remembrance have been taking place and people have been laying flowers and writing heartfelt messages of condolence to commemorate Her Majesty, who visited the region dozens of times during her reign.

  • Plymouth

Yesterday (9 September), a gun salute of 96 rounds took place in the city to pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth II. Each round represented one year of Her Majesty's life.

  • Watch the gun salute of 96 rounds to mark the length of the Queen's life

Three guns were used in the ceremony which took place at HMS Drake Royal Navy base in Devonport.

At exactly 1pm the guns began firing one shell every 10 seconds, followed by a 10 second silence. 

At exactly 1pm the guns began firing one shell every 10 seconds. Credit: BPM Media

There were scenes of sadness and reflection outside St Andrews Church in Plymouth as people, including the city's civic leaders, payed tribute to the Queen.

Members of the public came together to sign a book of condolences in the church, where there was also a service held.

The Lord Mayor of Plymouth, Councillor Sue Dann, said it always felt like the Queen was "part of the Plymouth family".

"It's so important to say thank you and show our deepest gratitude and respect for what she has done not just for Plymouth but for regions, the UK and the commonwealth", she said.

Her Majesty was last in Plymouth in 2018, for the decommissioning of HMS Ocean, the former fleet flagship of her Royal Navy.

  • Exeter

  • Watch people come together to commemorate the Queen in Exeter Cathedral

A service of evening prayer was held in Exeter Cathedral yesterday (9 September), which included prayers of remembrance and thanks for Queen Elizabeth II's life.

At midday, a single bell was tolled 96 times in the ringing chamber to pay tribute to Her Majesty.

The opening hours at the cathedral are being extended over the next ten days to give people the opportunity to sign books of condolence, so people can add their thoughts and reflections.

  • Wells

  • Watch people remember Queen Elizabeth II in Wells Cathedral

Services of remembrance have been held at Wells Cathedral as people come together to pay tribute to the Queen.

Bells were rung from the cathedral for people across the region to hear as they mourned. Inside the cathedral, a book of condolence was opened for people to sign.

  • Gloucestershire

Since her death, people have been coming to the gates of King Charles' Highgrove house to pay tribute to the Queen, leaving flowers and messages of support to the Royal Family.

King Charles III chose the area for his country retreat - he has spent decades perfecting the home’s garden.

Meanwhile The Bishop of Gloucester reflected on what made the Queen such an important figure in the lives of people.

"She always treated every individual as though they were the only person that mattered in that moment", she said.

  • Bristol

People are gathering inside Bristol Cathedral to pay their respects following the death of Her Majesty, as well as laying flowers outside.

  • Watch people commemorate Her Majesty in Bristol Cathedral

"It is the end of one era and the beginning of another", Peaches Golding, Lord-Lieutenant of Bristol said today (10 September) in the Cathedral.

"As the head of the state, the nation and the commonwealth, Her Majesty was always there in the spotlight. She was always serenely, graciously carrying out her role", she added.

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