Proclamations held across the West Country to mark the start of King Charles III's reign

  • Watch proclamation ceremonies across the West Country

The proclamation of King Charles III has been marked across the West Country, as people gathered to celebrate his accession to the throne.

King Charles III was formally proclaimed the monarch during an Accession Council ceremony at St James's Palace on Saturday (10 September), which was televised for the first time.

Yesterday (11 September), further proclamations have taken place across the UK, to mark the momentous occasion, and others will be held later today.


Crowds gathered at Truro Cathedral today where the accession of The King was announced twice, once in English and in then in Cornish.

The High Sheriff of Cornwall, Andrew William read the proclamation in English.

Grand bard for Gorsedh Kernow, Pol Hodge, then read the proclamation in Cornish. He described it as an 'honour'.

“It was very nerve-wracking but it’s a great honour to do this. It’s also a step forward for the recognition of the Cornish language.

“If Cornish is okay for the Lord Bishop and the Lord-Lieutenant of Truro then it should be okay for everybody,” he said.

The Bishop of Truro, Phillip Mounstephen, then read the closing prayer after the ceremony.

Crowds gathered at the front of Truro cathedral

He said that over an "extraordinary" past few days, cathedrals have been an important place for people to come and mourn the Queen and also look to the future.

“I spent an hour or so at the cathedral yesterday afternoon just welcoming people in and directing them to the books of condolences", he said.

“I think it’s just a very natural place for people to come and express their grief and their thanks as well. We’ve been delighted to welcome people in here,” he added.

“I hope as a nation it’s been an opportunity for us to come together to reflect on the Queen’s life and her values.

"Her Faith was a huge part of who she was and why she’s such an inspiration to the rest of us,” he said.

Graham Gascoigne was watching the proclamation outside Truro Cathedral. He was born on the day of the Queen's Coronation.

He said: “I found the whole experience very emotional and very moving. This has had quite an effect on me. I have to admit I shed a tear or two.”

Graham Gascoigne was born on 2 June 1953, the same day as the Queen's coronation


The proclamation held on College Green was followed by a procession of crowds following bagpipes and drummers down Park Street.

Alex Raikes MBE, High Sheriff of Bristol, said today offers the unique opportunity to reflect but also celebrate.

“It’s sad because we’ve lost our Queen, she’s all I’ve ever known and part of the reason I agreed to become High Sheriff, to be an amazing role model.

“On the other hand, it’s a massive privilege to be part of this moment in history. I do feel proud to be here and just want to do the best I can at the beginning of a new chapter and a new reign", she said.

Peaches Goulding, His Majesty's Lord-Lieutenant for Bristol said the City's proclamation was a combination of tradition and modern adaptation.

“This day is something we haven’t seen for 70 years", she said.

"The coach we used was also used at the last proclamation and there are only two of its kind in the entire country- one in Bristol and one in the city of London.

“I feel deeply sad about the loss of Her Majesty, she served us all very well, but today was beautiful and the park was full of people paying tribute to the late Queen."

Lieutenant Peaches Goulding was thrilled with the turnout of the event

Further proclamations were held at the Jubilee memorial in Weymouth, in the centre of Bath and at Exeter Cathedral in Devon.

Outside Devon County Hall, crowds gathered for the proclamation, announced by the High Sheriff of Devon, Richard Youngman.

Following the ceremony, he said: “Historically a horse would have clattered down from London and handed a muddy bit of paper to the High Sheriff who would have read it and that would have been the news.

"Seeing the number of people who have come out has been wonderful. Today was the first time I've said God Save the King in anger and I'm very pleased to do so."