Residents of Duchy-owned town Nansledan celebrate their connections to the new King

King Charles III pictured with mother and daughter shop owners, Judith and Alex.

Residents of the Duchy-owned town Nansledan have been reflecting on their experiences meeting King Charles III, following his official proclamation.

King Charles III was at the centre of the development of 540-acre model town Nansledan which is on the outskirts of Newquay. He personally approved the design of the buildings and opened the town's primary school.

There have been services of proclamation held across the region today (11 September) as King Charles III has officially been made monarch following the death of the Queen.

King Charles opened Skol Nansleden in March 2020.

Theresa Ferguson, former chair of Nansleden Community Association told ITV West Country she wants the King to know people in the town are thinking of him as he also comes to terms with the loss of his mother, Queen Elizabeth III.

Many people in the town have signed a book of condolences in her memory.

"I think there will be a lot of people writing some very poignant messages and hopefully, the King and his family will take some heart from that", Theresa said.

The King, in his previous role, made numerous visits to businesses in the town, like the Little Cornish Pantry, owned by royalist mother and daughter Judith and Alex Eley.

“We had the great privilege of him actually coming into the shop and we did make him laugh actually", Judith said.

Alex added: “We were lucky enough to have our photo taken with him and suggested that he was the rose between two thorns. He seemed to really like that.”

The town of Nansledan began development in 2013.

Marcel Rodrigues, a hat-maker in the town, also met the new King and said he had fond memories of his visits to the town.

“He’s a very charismatic individual but has a very calming presence about him,” he said.

“From talking to him and spending time with him, he’s got a genuine interest in people and their lives and what they do.”

Beauticians Courtney McDowell and Kelly Moss own a salon in the town and told ITV News West Country they're looking forward to future visits from the Royal family.

“We think it’s exciting, especially for the younger ones to see William and Kate. Hopefully, they might even bring the kids down,” they said.

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