'May I have it?' - the day the Queen took home a photograph from a school visit in Plymouth

The Queen visited North Prospect primary school in Plymouth in 1999 Credit: BPM Media

A former headteacher has shared his special memories of the time Queen Elizabeth II visited his school in Plymouth, and asked to take home a picture with her.

Her Majesty The Queen visited North Prospect Primary in 1999, 67 years after the Queen Mother had opened the school.

Chris Watts, 68, was headteacher at the time and described the visit as a "truly memorable day".

Despite months of practice in preparation for her visit, Mr Watts said Queen Elizabeth II was easy to talk to, adding that the pupils 'spoke to her like they had known her for a long time'.

On 24 May in 1932, The Queen Mother had opened the primary school where Peggy Radmore, a student at the time, gave her flowers.

The moment Peggy presented her with the flowers was captured in a photograph, which she kept until Queen Elizabeth II's visit years later.

The Queen Mother at North Prospect School on May 24, 1932 Credit: BPM Media

By this point, Peggy had become a school Governor and asked for the photograph to be placed on a ledge for the Queen to see at the end of her tour of the school.

When coming to the end of her visit, the Queen recognised the photo instantly, and asked: "It's my mother, may I have it?"

Following Her Majesty's death on Thursday (8 September), Chris Watts, who was headteacher at the school for 16 years, reflected on the Queen's kindness to the staff and pupils that day.

Peggy, a Governor to the school, met the Queen when she visited in 1999. Credit: BPM Media

"What struck me as her host for the visit was the ease with which I could communicate with her, and she with others", he said.

"For almost a year we prepared for the visit and learnt protocols but on the day her relaxed manner was infectious and her interest in the school and its students made for free-flowing conversation.

"She was very easy to talk to, had lots of questions and was tremendous with the children.

"They spoke to her like they had known her for a long time", he added.

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