Paignton Zoo reopens to the public after bird flu outbreak

Paignton Zoo has reopened to the public today Credit: ITV West Country

Paignton Zoo has reopened to the public today (14 September) after a bird flu outbreak forced its temporary closure.

The zoo said: "We've missed all of our wonderful visitors so much over the past couple of weeks. We can't wait to welcome you back in again today!

"Thank you again for all of your support during our closure period."

The zoo closed last month due to a suspected outbreak of bird flu which was later confirmed resulting in the affected birds needing to be culled in an effort to stop the spread.

The popular South West attraction have implemented some changes following the outbreak.

It has relocated all captive birds from the main lake and some of the birds are off-show in quarantine facilities.

The zoo added: "We no longer have free-roaming peacocks, our flamingos have moved to an aviary near the red pandas for a while and the Ranch is being used as a quarantine area.

"But you can still see our meerkats, goats and pot-bellied pig. Staff might be wearing white overalls when in close contact with animals.

"We'd like to reassure you that the risk of humans contracting bird flu is very low, but we'd still recommend avoiding contact with birds and their droppings, and to wash your hands thoroughly if contact occurs."