'Most amazing woman' - Former High Sheriff of Gloucestershire pays tribute to Queen

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The former High Sheriff of Gloucestershire has paid tribute to Queen Elizabeth II, who she calls "the most amazing woman."

Countess Bathurst of Cirencester Park served as High Sheriff from 2016-2017 and is friends with King Charles III.

She said it is "absolutely wonderful" to see crowds gathering to see Her Majesty's coffin.

She added: "I think we're all feeling a deep sense of shock, I think we all thought that Her Majesty would live forever and so it's been a great sadness to the entire country.

"Globally, we are all mourning the loss of the most amazing woman, but also a leader.

People gathering in Parliament to pay respects to the Queen Credit: ITV West Country

"I think we also need to remember that she's also the head of the Royal Family and they have suffered an immeasurable loss.

"She had the warmest of personalities. There was always a twinkle in her eye. She was also incredibly interesting to talk to because of her experiences, her travels, and her deep knowledge of all subjects.

"No matter what you were talking to her about, she knew about it and she deeply cared.

"It's a gift that Her Majesty had. She knew people, she met them, and she remembered them.

"That was one of the most wonderful qualities about her and I think it's something that we will never see again."

She also sympathised with King Charles III and said this time is likely to be "extraordinarily difficult" for him.

"The loss of a mother to anybody as we all know is immeasurable and I think he will be grieving but also very aware of what is unfolding before him and his duties ahead," she said."

When asked if she thinks the King will find comfort in being at his home in Gloucestershire, she said: "He'll be able to spend time in quiet contemplation and I hope to get a bit of a rest and take a deep breath and go onto the next step.

"It's a haven. Everybody in Gloucestershire has always loved him and we love having him with us.

"I hope he will draw comfort from the deep reflection in which he's held within the Cotswolds and the county of Gloucestershire."