Thank you Ma'am: Giant sand art tribute for Queen Elizabeth etched in the sands at Padstow

Thank you Ma'am - a tribute to the late Queen Elizabeth II on the North Cornwall coast. Credit: Harry Maddox

People in Cornwall have been wowed by a giant sand art tribute to the Queen in Padstow.

Harry Maddox says he dedicated a sand drawing to Her Majesty because he was "unable to go to pay my respects in London" so wanted to do a tribute in "the only way I know how."

The piece was 70x70ft in the sand but only lasted a few hours before the tide came in.

Hundreds of people have been liking and sharing photos of the installation on social media.

Harry says he's humbled by the feedback and says, "If people can feel closer to the Queen by looking at some of the stuff that I do, then that's got to be a good thing."

The Bodmin-based artist admits he is a "huge fan of the monarchy" and has made a series of creative installations this summer for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee year.

One of his portraits of Queen Elizabeth has been made entirely from natural stone. Harry says it took him about a fortnight to design and build around his day job as a sign maker. He doesn't know how much it weighs except "it took three of us to carry it" so "it is heavy".

Harry says the heavy structure is now in the reception at Shire Hall in Bodmin because it was “either that or hang it on my garden wall”.

The artist has also made a portrait of the monarch entirely out of pennies for the jubilee year. It's currently in the window of Bodmin florists Fleurtations.

This portrait of the Queen was inspired by The Penny Black - the world's first adhesive postage stamp Credit: ITV News

Reflecting on his pieces, Harry says he wanted to make sure he captured her likeness.

"If you're going to paint a portrait of the most famous woman in the world, you've got to try and get it right."