Car parking spaces on sale for nearly £30k in Cornish village of Flushing

The two spaces are to the right of the blue vehicle - and bought together would set you back £50,000 Credit: Google Maps

A set of parking spaces in a coastal village in Cornwall have gone on sale for almost £30,000 each.

The two spaces are in Flushing and are each up for sale for £27,500 - or £50,000 if bought together by a single buyer.

The spots are both being sold on the website of Cornish estate agent Lillicrap Chilcott, who state the listing is "an opportunity to acquire one or a pair of freehold parking spaces in the sought after waterside village of Flushing."

It claims the spaces are 350 yards away from the centre and harbourside of the popular coastal village, which sits opposite Falmouth.

The parking spaces are also available freehold, meaning there is no lease and they could be bought forever without additional ground rent charges.

But despite the high price tag, it's not the most parking spaces have sold for in the Duchy - with others having gone on the market for as much as £80,000. Meanwhile, a single garage has also been on sale for sometime in St Ives, at £100,000.

The spaces will also be in high demand as Flushing is known for its parking difficulties.

It does have free parking but spaces are limited and in 2021 a holiday site even recommended that people visiting surrounding areas should park in the village. This meant holidaymakers were taking up much needed spaces for locals - without actually visiting the area - causing quite a storm.

Anyone interested in purchasing either or both spaces is being encouraged to call the estate agents or complete their online form.