Royal super-fan Terry Hutt has been to London to see Queen Elizabeth lying in state

  • Watch Terry Hutt in Westminster Hall.

Royal super-fan Terry Hutt has travelled to London to see Queen Elizabeth II lying in state.

He made the journey yesterday (17 September) after a kind-hearted samaritan offered to help him following our report detailing his desire to go last week.

Mr Hutt has been ever-present at significant royal events during his lifetime but he had told ITV News that because of his age and a previous injury he would be unable to visit the capital.

The 87-year-old said that he was 'heartbroken' he would be unable to make the trip from his home in Weston-super-Mare, saying that the excessive queues would make it virtually impossible for him to see Her Majesty.

Speaking on Thursday he said: "It’s really sad for me that I’m not able to go to London to pay my respects. If I’d have been stronger, I probably would have but knowing how I feel, I wouldn’t have been able to.

Terry Hutt was known to The Queen as "Union Jack Man"

"I was heartbroken but It’s been amazing seeing people go up to London for the first time to pay their respects.

"Sitting at the TV and seeing all the coverage with a cup of tea has been quite relaxing for me. It’s what the Queen would’ve wanted anyway, she wouldn’t have wanted to see me get pushed around."

Now though footage has emerged that shows Terry in London and actually in Westminster Hall paying tribute to the Queen in person.

After appearing on the programme a number of people from the Weston-super-Mare community offered Terry an opportunity to travel to London with them.