Residents oppose plans to build homes on Eggbuckland Community College land

Residents in Eggbuckland are unhappy with plans which would 'destroy the wildlife haven' Credit: BPM media

Residents in Eggbuckland near Plymouth are fighting plans for a proposed housing development which they say is unsuitable for approval in its current state.

Plans to build 115 houses on land owned by Eggbuckland Community College were announced in June but have not yet been submitted, with a public consultation held since.

The houses would be built across Eggbuckland, from Rigdale Close, Langmore Close, Chilton Close, and Billington Close, into a wooded area to the west of Frogmore Field. It would also involve the redevelopment of part of the main body of the school itself, and some fields owned by the school, located behind a residential area.

Residents said that the benefits brought to the area such as new homes and a new sporting facility were outweighed by the ‘significant environmental impacts' of building on the land, adding that the project would destroy the wildlife haven in Eggbuckland.

Concerns were raised about the style of houses that are going to be built, which could contribute to a 'monotonous' appearance, as well as the practicalities of a 100% 'affordable home' target.

The next steps will see the developers decide whether to submit the application as it is and risk it getting denied or make alterations to the proposal and resubmit the application.

The alterations would most likely need to be surrounding the proposal's considerations of local wildlife habitats, greenspace and biodiversity.