The Bristol streets split in half by the new Clean Air Zone

Osborne Street in Southville will be split in two by the Clean air zone. Credit: BMP Media

Residents across Bristol could see their streets split up by the Clean Air Zone (CAZ) when it comes into force on 28 November.

Bristol's Clean Air Zone, which was due to be active from October 2021, will see parts of streets on the outskirts falling inside the zone whereas other parts of the same street will be outside the zone.

Osborne Road in South Bristol is one of the streets that will be split when the scheme launches in November.

Osborne Road resident Jordan said: "It will depend on where the cameras go up, but I think my driveway will be just outside the Clean Air Zone while the house itself will fall within the zone".

Temporary exemptions will be in place until the end of March next year for certain eligible groups such as residents in the zone or people working within the zone and earning less than £26,000 a year.

The changes do not bother all residents though with some happy the zone will soon be installed.

Ben Parker, an 83-year-old who lives just outside of the zone, said: "The principle is a good one, I am all in favour of breathing clean air and living for longer.

"We have to try it and see if it works. Any change you make is going to inconvenience someone, but dying is pretty inconvenient too.

"Some people will be against it because it will make things tricky for them, but others will take my view and think something needs to be done. It is about time they do it I say, it should have been done earlier if anything".

Other Roads which will find themselves split by the zone will be:

  • Avon Street

  • Beauley Road

  • Dean Lane

  • St John's Road

  • Whitehouse Street

  • Spring Street

  • Pritchard Street

  • Hill Street

The full map can be found on the Bristol City Council Website