Eight-week-old cocker spaniel dumped in bin in Cheltenham

Winnie was found in a rubbish bin but is now being cared for in a foster home Credit: BPM Media

An eight-week-old puppy was dumped in a bin in Cheltenham.

The little cocker spaniel, who has been named Winnie, was found by a passer-by and is being cared for by staff at a Cotswold rescue centre.

She was found in the bin outside the Dunelm store on Tewkesbury Road.

One of her front legs is fused at the elbow, meaning she is unable to walk on it and staff at the Cotswold Cats and Dogs Home say they believe this could be the reason she was dumped.

Winnie is now being cared for by senior animal care assistant Ebony Poole.

She said: “When she came in, her leg was noticeably twisted. I instantly fell in love with her and knew I wanted to offer her a loving foster home to support her through her treatment.

“It’s likely the previous owner couldn’t afford her care so decided to abandon her when she needed help. The RSPCA is currently appealing for any information.”

Winnie needs to have her leg amputated but vets are confident she will be able to lead a happy life Credit: BPM Media

Vets diagnosed the problem as a congenital elbow dislocation with fusion, meaning Winnie will need to have the damaged leg removed, although they are confident she will be able to learn to get around on the three remaining legs and lead a happy and fulfilled life.

She has also suffered two seizures, which are also being investigated by vets.

Ebony said: “She is my biggest concern at the moment and I’m hopeful that the public will help us care for Winnie and erase the neglect she has already suffered at the tender age of eight weeks.

"She is such a fun-loving girl. She loves her playtime and will curl up on my lap for a good nap afterward. She doesn’t realise how loved she is.”

Despite what she has been through, Winnie is very friendly and is already learning new tricks.

Vets will have to wait until she is 15 weeks to operate on her leg and then she will recover and rehabilitate with sessions of physiotherapy.

Winnie is being cared for in a foster family Credit: BPM Media

Ebony added: “For now, we are just managing her as she is and making sure she is comfortable, happy, and well-loved.

“This could have happened at birth and left untreated or could have happened a few weeks ago. All we know is that it’s an old injury due to the bone now being fused.”

Winnie should make a full recovery and live a very normal, happy life but the operation and care will run into thousands of pounds and the centre is appealing for public donations to meet the costs.

Her vet costs including x-rays have already reached hundreds of pounds and the operation is expected to cost around £1,500.

Winnie is not looking for her forever home so applications are not being accepted at this time.

All money raised will first be used on whatever treatment and care Winnie needs, with any additional funds going towards other animals at the centre.