Girl, 10, with long Covid completes garden lap unaided after re-learning how to walk

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A 10-year-old girl from Yeovil who was diagnosed with long Covid has completed a lap of her garden unaided for the first time after having to relearn how to walk.

Emily Saville was left in severe pain and lost movement on the left side of her body after she tested positive for coronavirus in September last year.

"It's been a pretty devastating time for us as a family," Emily's mum, Louise, told ITV News West Country.

"We've had to learn how to re-adapt and become a different family now.

"In seconds Emily lost the use of her left side and then we had to start a new chapter of our lives. It's been really tricky, but Emily is an inspiration to us all."

Emily spent two weeks in hospital but once she was back home she vowed to raise money for the NHS to say thank you. She was inspired by Captain Tom Moore and pledged to do laps of her garden using her walking frame.

Over the past 12 months, Emily has walked around her home more than 100 times with her parents and sister filming her fundraising efforts.

She admits her progress has been slow and sometimes frustrating but in August she completed her first lap completely unaided.

Emily said: "It was kind of crazy because I've been working at this for months and months and months. So to be able to do that felt amazing."

Emily and her family travelled to London to deliver a petition to the Prime Minister urging them to look into the impact of long Covid.

Her advice to others suffering with the condition is simple.

"Just keep positive because if you don't keep positive you can't get anywhere," she said. "Just keep going even if it gets tough. Just keep going because in the end, you will be able to do it."

Emily may still have a way to go until she fully recovers, but she is determined to get there one step at a time.