Warning as elderly man conned out of £10k in police officer phone scam

People in Devon should remain vigilant after an elderly man lost £10k to the phone scam.

Police in Devon are warning residents to be vigilant after an elderly man fell victim to a phone scam and lost more than £10,000.

Officers are investigating several reports of an unidentified caller pretending to be a police officer encouraging people to withdraw money from their account and give their bank cards to a courier.

Devon and Cornwall Police say victims have been encouraged to give money to a courier, arranged by the 'police officer' making the call, in order to assist with a police investigation.

One woman in her 70s drew out a substantial amount of money when she was phoned by the caller but did not hand it over, deciding to contact the police instead.

But police received one report which involved an elderly man handing over £10,000.

Detectives say they have seen an increase in the number of phone calls about this scam over the past week, particularly in the South Devon and Tiverton area.

Detective Inspector Jo Devonshire said: "We will never contact people to ask for banking information or request that they withdraw money from an account to aid an investigation.

"Fraudsters often target geographical areas where they know elderly or vulnerable people live, so we are asking that if you have family or friends who are vulnerable in any way, that you make them aware of this scam."

Police are advising anyone who receives such a phone call to not give any personal information and to immediately hang up the phone.

Anyone with information is asked to email 101@dc.police.uk or call 101 and quote 518 200922.