Tudor buildings painted to reflect colourful past in Gloucester's city centre

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A row of Tudor buildings in Gloucester has been restored to look just as it would have almost 500 years ago.

Many associate Tudor buildings with black and white structures but the Gloucester Civic Trust, which owns the site and has been in charge of the revamp, found evidence they were painted bright colours.

The historic houses in the city centre have now been painted to reflect their colourful past.

Alex Cooke, Operations Manager at Folk of Gloucester, said: "The Civic Trust wants Gloucester to be colourful and beautiful and they want people to come to Gloucester to see buildings like this so they went for the brightest and the bravest colours."

Historians have been stumped by the name painted on the front of one of the buildings Credit: ITV West Country

But the renovation work has thrown up a mystery as those behind the project found a name painted on one of the buildings, and they want the public's help in identifying the person or business behind the inscription.

Alex said: "They washed the original white paint off and it revealed this word 'Lloyd' which has been very purposefully painted on.

"And we don't know who Lloyd was, we don't know what business they were doing.

"We know a few businesses that were operating but none of them have got that title so if anybody knows we would be very interested."