Bristol tower block residents describe 'chaotic' fire which left one dead and eight others injured

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Residents at a Bristol tower block have described the moment a fire broke out on the top floor as 'an absolute disaster' and 'chaotic'.

A man died in the incident after he fell from the 16th floor as he tried to escape the blaze.

Eight others were taken to hospital while around 90 residents made it out of the building safely.

The fire broke out in a flat at Twinnell House, Easton, in the early hours of Sunday morning (September 25).

Ahmed Sharif, who lives in the tower block, said: "It was an absolute disaster. There were three [people] holding [on] somewhere on the windows, just trying to get safe.

"But unfortunately one of them fell on the ground and that was it.

"Seeing it, it gives you a scar for life."

Resident Ahmed Sharif says he has been left scarred by the incident Credit: ITV West Country

Bethal Neda was on the 16th floor with her partner and two children when police banged on her door urging them to get out.

She said: "It was scary, very scary. I had to check two times if I really had my children with me or not because at that time it was chaotic.

"Everything was so sudden."

Saed Abdi lives in a one-bedroom flat on the 14th floor with his wife and four children. Mr Abdi said he was working at the time the fire broke out, but someone called him to tell him.

The dad, whose children are aged between one and six, tried contacting his wife, who was at home with the kids, but he was not able to get through to her.

He said: "When I got here, they were still inside the flat. I just had to go back inside, no one had knocked on their door by this point.

"There was a lot of fire at the time, but I didn't even think about it and went inside - all I could think about was my children.

"The further up you went, the more I could smell the smoke. I just got them as fast as I could - some of the kids were naked and we just ran down. It was very chaotic.

"A lot of people were not aware of the fire by this point and there were lots coming out."

Following the tower block's evacuation, residents told ITV News West Country that they did not hear any fire alarm.

Avon Fire and Rescue Service said the block of flats is fully up to date with building regulations.

Vaughan Jenkins, from the fire service, said: "Each of the flats, as per the fire safety regulations, would have a mains-powered fire alarm provided within each flat.

"There was one within the flat where the fire occurred. This probably went off however, due to the severity of the fire and its proximity to the alarm sounder, that would have quickly damaged the alarm sounder and stopped it actuating."

Investigations are continuing into what caused the fire.

A spokesperson for Bristol City Council - which owns the flats - said: "Officers are currently supporting the efforts underway to assess the damage and understand how the fire started."

ITV News West Country is awaiting an update on the condition of the eight people taken to hospital.