House in Bristol dubbed 'non-stop drug store' closed by police

The house will be closed for three months after Bristol Magistrates' Courts granted its closure. Credit: Avon and Somerset Police

A Bristol house which has been likened to a "non-stop drug store" has been shut down by police.

The house, in Ambleside Avenue in Southmead, has been closed for three months after reports of fighting, drug dealing and assaults.

Avon and Somerset Police and Bristol City Council submitted the closure order for the property on Wednesday 7 September and Bristol Magistrates’ Court granted the house closure order in less than 20 minutes today (27 September).

The Bristol house was known for being a ‘persistent’ and ‘prolific’ place in the local community, according to police.

In a statement, one local resident said the property was a ‘non-stop drug store’ with sometimes eight of nine people queuing outside.

They added: “There was constant shouting, swearing and fighting, both in and outside the property.

“Residents lived in fear of having their homes invaded and felt they had to choose carefully the times to leave their homes unattended.”

Local Remedy Sgt Richard Jones said: "This is the seventh property in the Southmead area to have a closure order imposed.

"Properties like this, which are used as hubs for drug dealing and anti-social behaviour, are blights on the community and no one should live in fear that their house could be broken into or worse."