Miracle recovery for baby hedgehog found 'on death's door' in Newquay

Honey now weighs 618g and has made a miraculous recovery Credit: Prickles and Paws

A hedgehog has made a miraculous recovery and is ready to be released back into the wild after being found 'on death's door' in Newquay.

Honey the Hedgehog arrived at Prickles and Paws animal sanctuary in Cubert in August.

The hoglet was severely underweight and battling pneumonia and ringworm. At two weeks old, she weighed just 97g - the same as a deck of cards.

Staff feared she would not survive a week after being rescued due to dehydration and the fact she was a fifth of her expected size. They put her on a course of antibiotics as well as putting aloe vera on her dry skin to help it heal.

But honey has miraculously been nursed back to health in just four weeks. She now weighs 618g, and she has also now started to develop spikes

Honey during the recovery process Credit: Prickles and Paws

Education lead Emma Brown told ITV News West Country: "Honey needed to be hand-fed every four hours but she very quickly she then started eating by herself.

"When she arrived she required the highest level of care so we started off by putting her in the incubator.

"She was then moved to a hutch and she grew more fur and eventually spikes.

"She started being able to fight off infection and on October 3 she graduated to an outdoor hut in the cooler air to make sure she is maintaining her weight.

"It makes us feel quite humble that we have been able to help wild animals. We are in a very privileged position and are proud of all our volunteers who make what we do possible.

The plan is now for the charity to release Honey back into the wild as she has spent some time in an outdoor hutch.

She is one of more than 1,000 hedgehogs that will be rescued this year by volunteers at Prickle sand Paws.