Cornish pub turns to candlelight to tackle soaring electricity bills

Hundreds of candles are being used to light a Cornish pub after a sharp rise in its electricity bill.

A local at the Masons Arms in Camelford had the bright idea, which the publicans say is a huge success.

For one night a week Kate and Alan Woods, who run the pub, switch off the lights and light the candles, which they purchased in bulk for £38.

Kate said going back to lighting the pub the way that it would have been done originally when it first opened in 1753, is helping them through tough times.

The man behind the idea is Camelford resident Nigel Williams, who was shocked by the price of electricity at the pub.

Nigel said: “£90 a day or something absurd, I don’t know what these candles cost but it’s not £90 a day. I think it’s much more pleasant and easy going, very romantic."

A performer at the Mason Arms by candlelight Credit: Grace Pascoe

So far bookings are up and diners are charmed by the experience.

Jane Corton, who was out for dinner with her daughter, said the candles made for a quiet and calm atmosphere: "It just produces this lovely ambience, you don't want to shout and laugh and be silly, you want to be nice and calm. It's super."